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10 February 2017

President Kenyatta creates Transport Authority for Nairobi, environs Published in Capital News

25 August 2016

Nairobi City County Government Moves to Regularize Unapproved Buildings Published in BuildDesign

10 August 2016

World Bank deal paves way for work on Nairobi’s first elevated highway

13 December 2014

Nairobi signs Shilling 6.5 billion with China bus firm” Published in the Business Daily.

30 September 2012
Housing Finance sets aside 1.4 billion Ksh to build own units” Published in the Business Daily.

26 September 2012
Prices of houses in Kenya rise sharply” Published in the East African.

24 September 2012
Africa in Flux: How Urbanization and Digital Technology are Changing a Continent” Published in the East African.

19 September 2012
UN-HABITAT Report Asks Right Questions, But Short on Strategy” Published in the Next American City.

01 September 2012
Nairobi-Thika highway users brace for toll” Published in the East African.

12 August 2012
Digital mapping of public land to curb corruption in Kenya” Published in the Business Daily.

11 August 2012
Construction of Kenya’s $9 billion ‘Silicon Valley to start in October” Published in the East African.

06 August 2012
Water vendors threaten to take new tariff battle to court” Published in the Standard.

04 August 2012
Road users delight as superhighway eases traffic jam” Published in the Daily Nation.

03 August 2012
World Bank advances Sh25.2bn for rail, road transport systems” Published in the Business Daily.

20 July 2012
Land Act gives new more rights to tenants, spouses” Published in the Standard.

19 July 2012
Apartments in high demand as land prices shoot up” Published in the Business Daily.

17 July 2012

Battle looms over control of city routes” Published in the Daily Nation.

29 June 2012
6 billion Kenyan Shilling kitty to support energy, social sectors” Published in the Standard.

27 June 2012
Traffic Act set for more changes” Published in the Daily Nation.

26 June 2012                                                                                                                   “City water supply gets Ksh 7 billion boost from French aid agency” Published in the Daily Nation.

23 June 2012
The green heart of Nairobi” Published in the Daily Nation.

21 June 2012
Six Kilometre rail to connect Syokimau station with JKIA” Published in the Daily Nation.

20 June 2012
Law on housing eagerly awaited” Published in the Daily Nation.

18 June 2012
City train to ease jam on Mombasa Road” Published in the Standard.

18 June 2012
Arrest people who are turning Nairobi parks into filthy toilets” Published in the Standard.

17 June 2012
Experts link diesel fumes to cancers” Published in the Daily Nation.

17 June 2012
Shops and slums to be knocked down in road expansion project” Published in the Daily Nation.

14 June 2012
Kenya’s 1.45 trillion Kenyan Shilling (17.09 billion USD) budget” Published in the Standard.

12 June 2012
Proposal to transfer city council debt” Published in the Business Daily.

07 June 2012
Stop at red lights, Big Brother is watching” Published in the Daily Nation.

02 June 2012
Japan gives Kenya 1.6 billion Kenyan Shilling roads grant” Published in the Daily Nation.

01 June 2012
Creative photographer showcases the city of Nairobi as you’ve never seen it” Published in the Daily Nation.

29 May 2012                                                                                                                     “Future of Nairobi’s transport takes shape” Published in the Business Daily.

24 May 2012                                                                                                                     “Yes, parastatals must be allowed to deliver” Published in the Daily Nation.

22 May 2012                                                                                                                     “Wrong priorities cloud Kenya’s path to Vision 2030” Published in the Daily Nation.

21 May 2012                                                                                                                     “Treasury bails out City Hall after default on Sh1.5b loan” Published in the Business Daily.

18 May 2012
Has our new Constitution already failed us? Published in the East African.

16 May 2012
Good law, but shall we respect it?”  Published in Daily Nation.

15 May 2012
Kenya’s Vision 2030 pillars below target”  Published in Daily Nation.

14 May 2012
Thika superhighway completion date pushed to September”  Published in Construction Business Review.

14 May 2012
Kenya: Thika Highway Financiers Raise Red Flag Over Accidents”  Published in All

14 May 2012
Engineers Inspect Thika Highway”  Published in Citizen News.

10 May 2012
Court kick-starts Tatu City cases finally ”  Published in Daily Nation.

08 May 2012
Harnessing People Power to Develop Kampala City”  Published in Daily Monitor.

07 May 2012
Who Will Make the City Council Deliver?”  Published in Daily Nation.

24 April 2012
Nairobi City Council Gets ISO Award for Service Delivery”  Published in Daily Nation.

24 April 2012
Nairobi Motorists Stuck in Traffic After Heavy Rains”  Published in Daily Nation.

18 April 2012
Why the Government Should Support Affordable Rental Housing”  Published in Daily Nation.

15 April 2012
Cities Evolve Organically and Over Time; They Can’t be Built Overnight”  Published in Daily Nation.

12 April 2012
Report reveals Nairobi City Council workers unskilled ”  Published by Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

2 April 2012
Technology Experts Fault Project Approach”  Published in Daily Nation.

27 March 2012
Police Defy Raila”  Published in the Star.

05 April 2012
Exponential Growth”  Published in Daily Nation.

Eight dead as rock rolls into Mathare slum houses”  Published in Daily Nation.

Time to clean up the air we breath”  Published in The Standard.

29 March 2012
Exclusive Homes”  Published in Daily Nation.

21 March 2012
Almost all demolitions are heartless however hard we try to justify them” Published in Daily Nation.

10 March 2012
Only wielding ‘big stick’ can tame road carnage” Published in The Standard.

14 March 2012
Nairobi Needs to be People-Friendly” Published in The Star.

01 March 2012
Modern highways are not enough; we also need to train drivers afresh” Published in Daily Nation.

22 February 2012
How Not to Manage Traffic in Nairobi” Published in The Star.

14 February 2012
Proposed Bills will slow down land reforms and retard progress” Published in Daily Nation.

12 February 2012
10 people killed after matatu plunges into ditch” Published in The Standard.

09 February 2012
Kenya Wildlife Service offered Sh1.8 billion for Southern Bypass” Published in The Star.

08 February 2012
Court blocks ban to increase parking fees” Published in Daily Nation.
Why this highway should be new road to prosperity”  Published in The Standard.

03 February 2012
Investment in infrastructure will spur growth” Published in The Standard.

21 January 2012
Nightmare of navigating super highway” Published in Daily Nation.

11 January 2012
Choose to be courteous on the roads” Published in Business Daily.

09 January 2012
Car kills pupils as they walk to school”  Published in Daily Nation.
Report spells out size of county assemblies” Published in Daily Nation.

08 January 2012
$4.6b railway line linking Dar, Rwanda, and Burundi to begin in 2014” Published in The East African.

05 January 2012
Six thousand acres for Isiolo resort city”  Published in Daily Nation.

04 January 2012
What can the middle class afford?”  Published in The Standard.

30 December 2011
Safety concerns raised over superhighway” Published in The Standard.

4 September 2011
A critique of Nairobi Metropolitan master plans  Published in The Standard.

21 June 2011
State to demolish illegal buildings in urban areas”  Published in The Standard.

16 June 2011
Tatu City sends ripples in Ruiru” Published in The Standard.

30 May 2010
A Case Against the Elevated Uhuru Highway”  Published on Architecture Kenya.

18 May 2010
Kenya’s Sh1.45 trillion expansive Budget”  Published in the Standard.


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