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Tatu City is a 1000+ hectare development located within Greater Nairobi. It is situated near the intersection of the Eastern Bypass and the Thika Highway - 25 minutes from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Tatu City is join venture development between the Russian Renaissance Group and Kenyan investors. Development partners include:

The development is intended to be a mixed-use environment which houses an estimated 62,000 residents.  The first phase of construction of Tatu City began in 2012, occupants are expected to move into residential units by the last quarter of 2013 and commercial and retail operations are expected to open in 2014.


  1. Tatu City website
  2. Tatu City Structure Plan

12 thoughts on “Tatu City Development

    • Tau City is located 5km from Thika Superhighway, off exit 11. We are based on site and would like the opportunity to show you around this unique residential development.
      Please call us for further information and to arrange a visit: 020 513 1000


  1. HI,When is the development of the city beginning?
    we are interested in investing in the city.
    Kindly give updates and how much the plots or the houses going for?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    • Gish: Good for you, as a kid I was so happy when my tomatoes and sumkua I planted (with my mum) had good harvests, and if I had 1/32 of an acre, I could do it again!!!Sam: food, shelter, clothing are the basics that will always be in demand. But even that small scale farmer you describe, sometimes feels inferior to a middle class family Nairobian who has a (clean) house, car, TV (sometimes on loan)Kigada: I understand the issue for not wanting to build on black cotton, but where is the Ministry of agriculture to zone arable land and declare it off limits for building? Is this a viable channel?


      • The rapid conversion of high quality agricultural and pastoral lands to residential and other uses should be a real cause of concern. This land and the farmers on it need to be supported by the city and in fact country for food security. It just makes sense given how little of this land Kenya has. Ideally, there is some kind of zoning or restrictions but the compliance level of existing restrictions is extremely low so we need to think about how this could work in practice. Coming back to Tatu, it may not really make sense to convert large pieces of pastoral land into a “city” (real estate development). It increases this conversion and the spread of residential use without fixing existing city problems. It is actually an admission of failure when it comes to Nairobi and surrounding towns that you want to build some new city from scratch-for the wealthy which already have a lot of places in Nairobi anyway. Technology entrepreneurs tend to like real cities with lots of clients and activities and flow of ideas-gated high end estates do not really foster innovation or business in my view except for real estate developers.


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