One thought on “Nairobi, Kenya Solving Traffic Congestion by Increasing Capacity? | The Grid | Global Site Plans

  1. This is a very insightful analysis. The TUDC report has evolved since the interim draft discussed here but it has still not been released in its final form to the public which is unfortunate. One recommendation in the final report is for the city to develop a policy and hopefully a strategy for improving non-motorized transit (NMT) ie walking and cycling-a long neglected element of transportation planning in this city where the majority-even car owners-need to walk around safely (and also children as we have pointed out in earlier blogs - 30% of Nairobi’s population is under age 15). I am pleased to say that the city is moving forward with this already but we need to ensure that the policy will be implemented on the ground. NPI will give updates on the report and NMT policy process soon-so stay tuned! Thanks Constant Cap for another great blog post!


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